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Round Table 7 and Hard Laughs
Come Together

By Evie

February 3, 2023

Hard Laughs, a stand-up comedy organization based in Doncaster, is thrilled to announce
its partnership with Round Table 7 for their first ever comedy night on February 4th, 2023.
The event is a sell-out, and is set to raise over £2,000 for local good causes.
The night has been organized by Round Table 7 members Pete Lowes, Oliver Watson, and Andy Booth,
with the help of Adam Hughes, who will be the compere.

Round Table 7, founded in 1928, is a member-based organization in Doncaster, UK that aims to
provide personal and professional support to each other and raise money for a range of great
causes. The comedy night is just one of the many ways in which Round Table 7 members work to
support the community and continue their tradition of raising money for local charities.

The comedy night promises to be a night of laughter, fun, and fundraising, with some of the UK's
best comedians taking the stage. Hard Laughs was formed to support the UK's finest stand-up Comedy
talent and bring the audience to comedy shows in Doncaster. If they can get that right, they'll attract
some amazing established and talented UK comedy performers.

Please note that due to the diverse range of comedy club acts that will feature at Hard Laughs,
the shoes are classified as adult comedy and are not suitable for children or the easily offended.

Round Table 7 and Hard Laughs would like to extend their gratitude to all of the comedians
who will be taking part in the event, as well as the local community for their support. They
would also like to thank the members of Round Table 7 for their hard work in organising this
fantastic night.

This event marks a significant milestone for Round Table 7 and reflects the group’s commitment to
raising money for important causes whilst having a great time. With the support of the local community
and the hard work of the members, Round Table 7 is confident that they will meet their fundraising goal.

We hope to see you all at the comedy night on February 4th and look forward to raising money for local
good causes. Remember to follow Round Table 7 and Hard Laughs on social media for updates on their
fundraising and community efforts.

A Great Night of Live Comedy
Returns to Doncaster

By Pete Lowes

September 25, 2020

I was delighted to hear that the Hard Laughs Comedy Club is returning to Doncaster to once more
bring the people of South Yorkshire some laughter packed evenings with award winning comedians
from the UK circuit.

If you;ve ever been to a Hard Laughs show before, you'll know just how thrilling and hilarious
a live comedy show can be. There's an old saying, 'Laughter is the best medicine,' and now more
more than ever, we could do with an amazing night out filled with guaranteed laughs in great surroundings.

But I've never been to live comedy before, what can I expect?

OK, I get it. Some of you might be a little nervous about coming to watch a live comedy show in the
flesh. You might love streaming comedy clips, or watching live shoes like 'Live at the Apollo' on TV,
but if you've never actually been to an actual comedy club and you have a few reservations.

So let me guide you through the kind of thing that happens at the Hard Laughs comedy club, Doncaster…

Firstly you’ll instantly be made to feel welcome as you take your seats ready to watch an amazing show.
The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and friendly, but just before show-time you will sense a change in the air.
There’s excitement and anticipation and as the moment that everyone has been waiting for approaches,
the start of the show.

First to take to the stage will be an experienced compere or MC. A good host can warm up a crowd and
make everyone feel welcome and ar ease, almost without you realising it. Then they will introduce to the
stage the comedians that Hard Laughs have hand-picked for the show. This policy ensures that there will always
be something for everyone during the course of the night.

As the show develops and then builds to the dinal act (who is often the most experienced, show stopping performer
on the bill) you will realise that what was once a room full of strangers sitting facing the stage, has morphed
into an audience who have all shared the experience of a funny ans brilliant evening's entertainment.

And don't worry about being too frightened to leave your seat to go to the toilet. Hard Laughs have built comfort
breaks into the show so you can refresh yourselves for the next great act.

Is a Hard Laughs live comedy show for me?

Yes, live comedy is for everyone! Hard Laughs Comedy Club have an inclusive policy and they want everyone who
comes to their shows to feel safe and welcome and most importantly, to have a great time.

Of course, Hard Laughs want to bring only the freshest and funniest joke tellers to Doncaster, so from time to time
you may hear some material that is a little 'to close to the bone'. In my opinion, this is often the funniest stuff
anyway. Thankfully though, the days of the frilly shirted 1970's comedian with their outdated prejudices and attitudes
are long behind us (and good riddance to them).

That doesn't mean to say that there won't be some interaction between the perofrmers and the crowd on any given night,
which brings me to my final point...

Can I heckle?

Well, you can, but I wouldn't advise it. In over twenty years as a stand-up comedian, I can't think of a single occasion
where I've heard a drunk heckler say anything genuinely funny. What I have seen is countless times though, is a heckler
be destroyed by a professional comedian.

In this situation, the crowd always rally behind the comedian and suddenly the heckler who tried and turn the audience
against rthe performer, instead finds that they have turned the entire crowd against their self. It's brutal and it's raw
and it's about the most fun thing to watch that I can think of.

Like all of the very best comedy clubs in the UK, Hard Laughs insist that nobody talks or spoils the enjoyment of the show
for the people sitting around them. Besides, as mentioned earlier, there's plenty of time to catch up with friends during
the comfort breaks.

Can Hard Laughs provide my corporate event with comedians?

Hard Laughs can offer a bespoke service tailored to the corporate needs of your event or private party. Whether you need a host
for a presentation evening or an award winning comedian to perform at a party,they will use their knowledge and expertise to
bring you the best possible entertainment package, whatever your budget.

Alex Boardman

Alex Boardman is a vastly experienced comedian who has performed stand-up all over the world.
Before becoming a comedian 25 years ago, Alex read Law at University and has since created a
podcast called ‘Mondeo Law’ which attempts to make the subject easy to understand for everyone.

Hard Laughs: A Leading Stand-Up
Comedy Name in Doncaster

By Pete Lowes

September 25, 2020

Just as is true of our home music scene, stand-up comedy in Doncaster has been thriving for years.
We've been proud to welcome leading names such as Jimmy Carr, Michael McIntyre, Peter Kay and many more.

The most successful comedians in the UK also go on to dominate the comedy circuit around the world.
Before they can do this, they have to perform at up and coming venues, and with Hard Laughs,we aim to
create a familiar name that will be a starting point for future megastars.

To do this, we need your help. And by help, we simply mean your attendance. By coming along to our amazingly
well-priced shows, you’ll not only have a great night, but you'll also invite the most talented comics to
Doncaster to further develop their craft, and their careers.

We've already been proud to hose great names like Simon Harris, Big Lou Jones, Keith Wild and many
others - all of which perform to packed out shows around the UK. We're now ready to go further and move to a
larger venue to ensure we can bring talented acts just as they're becoming mainstream comedy names.

When hiring a comedian, we think abouyt how innovative, talented and creative theye are with their comedy
performance. When you buy a ticket, you’re helping us to continue to bring the very best performers to our stage.

We also feel that stand-up comedians in Doncaster could use more help at home. Many have to travel far and worldwide
for the opportunity to perform in front of a good crowd. We want to offer a comedy night that lets our own budding
comedians perform in front of a home audience.

So, to continue to bring awartd winning, talented and exceptionally funny performers to our roaming comedy club
in Doncaster, we simply ask that you buy in to out mission, and make Doncaster a major comedy
destination for years to come.

Here's to you, our beloved crowd - and here's to a comedy night to remember!

Pete Lowes
Director, Hard Laughs Entertainment

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